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UKSPA Partnership

Working in partnership UKSPA (United Kingdom Science Park Association) and Idea Farm, AIMES Grid Services offer services of specific interest to science and technology companies located on science Parks.
AIMES Grid Services provide robust, resilient and secure data centres under ISO27001 for those companies that need to handle large amounts of data and are interested in outsourcing their data centre away from an in-house server with all its attendant management challenges. Our data centre uses the latest energy efficient technology, enabling us to provide secure server hosting, data-backup and disaster recovery services at highly competitive rates.
The principal data centre used by AIMES is based in Liverpool innovation Park and offers considerable features including compliance with N3 standards pertaining to the hosting of patient records, which are more robust than the standards surrounding the management of financial records.
Specifically tenant companies who wish to trial the use of cloud computing may benefit from a free trial for up to a year commencing 1st July, which is supported by the Technology Strategy Board, the UK government funding body responsible for promoting UK science and technology companies. Acceptance of the trial is conditional on the ability of the trial company to be able to afford to continue after the trial period, but continuation is not a prerequisite…..
In addition, AIMES can arrange and are prepared to invest in fibre internet connectivity to a location (such as a science park) where existing connectivity is limited…… the infrastructure connectivity is subject to provision of at least 4 or 5 companies taking up the trial offer of cloud computing. FibreNet provides a 10Gbps network, with up to 1Gbps internet bandwidth, dedicated to the connected companies and enables them to benefit from spreading the costs of “shared services” and make best use of digital products and services from enhanced disaster recovery and business continuity to cloud applications.
Dennis Kehoe of AIMES will happily arrange to give a presentation to the tenants and to the park manager, either as a group presentation or separately if required.
Please contact:
Peter Sadler
Idea Farm Limited
01625 260209
Webcast by Professor Dennis Kehoe of Aimes on Delivering Cloud Infrastructure Resiliency, Security and Efficiency:

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